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Pelatron Technologies personnel have depth of experience in logistics operations and planning.


  • Led the development of all planning efforts supporting USPACOM

  • Assisted other U.S. Pacific Command’s War on Terror planners developing a Plan in supporting the War on Terror in the U.S. Pacific Command’s area of responsibility (AOR)

  • Supported the development of a Joint Theater Distribution Plan

  • Led Logistics planning interacting with over 150 multi-functional strategic planners from across the Department of Defense in various time sensitive planning efforts

  • Analyzed the planning conferences results to confirm transportation feasibility and assess risk/level of success in meeting senior commanders’ objectives

  • Conducted Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) determining supportability of various planning efforts

  • Served as USPACOM Logistics, Engineering, and Security Assistance representative to the Operations Planning Team (central action group for Contingency and Crisis Action planning and execution)

  • Represented USPACOM as the logistics subject matter expert in Joint Staff lead Adaptive Planning Execution working groups

  • Managed all aspects of logistics for the 201st CCG and its five geographically separated units (GSU)

  • Managed the Supply and Inventory Control, Long Term Transportation procurement and current maintenance, and Deployment systems (to include load planning) for the group and its squadrons

  • Ensured all squadrons and flights were adequately supplied to perform its wartime mission, all tactical vehicles were operational, and arranged airlift support to GSUs for both the Air and Army National Guard

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