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aircraft engineering support service

PTech engineering and program management staff have many years of experience across all

components of the DoD on a wide variety of technically complex programs.  We have an outstanding record of past performance on defense electronics programs that demonstrates PTech’s ability to understand and meet customer requirements for technically complex programs.


PTech engineers have more than two decades of combined experience on F-16 and A-10 avionics equipment, and the AN/TYQ-23A(V)1 program.  Our engineers have designed and prototyped several mechanical, electrical, and structural modifications for the F-16 pre- and post-block fleet, including NVIS-compatible cockpit panels.

  • Served as a subject matter expert for NVIS compatible faceplates

  • Managed requirements, design, and manufacturing of components, including cockpit-mounted LRUs and wire harnesses, for modification programs totaling over $200M across both platforms

  • Certified level III for SPRDE and have a deep understanding of the F-16 SPO systems engineering

  • Designed and prototyped several mechanical, electrical, and structural modifications for the F-16 pre- and post-block fleet


We are extremely familiar with the USAF technical order system, modification management and configuration control regulations and guidelines, and DoD test standards and procedures.  Our engineers have worked on human factors integration issues, and pilot-vehicle interface design and integration programs.


Staff have served as the technical lead for integration and test programs for various rotary wing and civilian fixed-wing platforms, including Textron’s Scorpion Jet, and the F-18 Hornet for the Spanish Air Force.  Our engineers are also extremely familiar with fire control, navigation, communications, and sensors on fighter and attack aircraft.


Our engineers are experienced with the US Air Force $150M Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting System program, and served as the lead engineer for a modification that produced the A-10A+ variant for the Guard and Reserve.


Our engineering support includes:

  • CAD experience with over ten years of designing primarily using SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, Catia, and AutoCad

  • SolidWorks for in-house design and development of production and prototype drawings in accordance with ASME standards

  • Drawings for mechanical and electro-mechanical parts and assemblies for military semi-conductors, and commercial work designing outdoor use products

  • Finite Element Analysis, motion studies, and creation of model formats for 3D printing

Pelatron Technologies engineers are experienced in developing and integrating defense communications systems, specifically deployable command and control communications and networks, with specific expertise in integrating, maintaining and testing radio transceivers, Mobile Modular Command and Control (M2C2), satellite and microwave communications.


PTech was a subcontractor for the Marine Corp’s Networking On-The-Move (NOTM) system from 2013-2015, and for the U.S. Air Force CRC (Control and Reporting Center) OM Mod contract.  PTech has manufactured thousands of low and high power electrical cables, RF cables, and network and data cables for this and other contracts. PTech has also manufactured military-grade components for various primes.


The CRC program was awarded an “exceptional” rating in all categories on its 2015-16 Contractor Performance Assessment Report. PTech’s performance as subcontractor in the area of quality manufacturing was a direct and significant contributor to this rating.

PTech is certified AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 and has manufacturing facilities in Lindon, UT and Clearfield, UT. Our security support team manages personnel clearances and has ensured compliance with all other security requirements, E.g., Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Report Program, Information Assurance (IA) controls of a Mission Assurance Category II (MACH) sensitive system.


PTech has manufactured military-grade components for several years under various efforts.  PTech staff manufactured thousands of low and high power electrical cables, RF cables, and network and data cables in support of the Marine Corp’s Networking On-The-Move (NOTM), a satellite-based C2 system that we performed under a Program of Record. 


past performance

Past Performances
  • F-16 Integration IDIQ (prime)

Support the F-16 Operational Flight Programs (OFPs) and avionics modifications: Software Engineering, Systems Engineering Design and Interface Design, Ground Test and Flight Test, Information Assurance / Cybersecurity, Aircraft Integration, Sustainment Engineering, Intelligence Analyst Engineering.

  • Avionics Integrated Software System Test Stand

System-level engineering supporting test, software and hardware, IA, process engineering.

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