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C4i Engineering

Primary NAICS 541330

Pelatron Technologies is a highly rated performer in engineering services, including systems engineering, test engineering, mechanical engineering, integration and testing.  Our engineers developed, integrated, tested and fielded a tactical communications system for the U.S. Marine Corps, and we continue to provide high quality engineering services to the U.S. Air Force in support of their F-16 fleet.


PTech’s facility in Lindon, Utah is cleared at the Top Secret level, and we have Top Secret cleared personnel.  Our security support team manages personnel security clearances, and has ensured compliance with all other security requirements, E.g., Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Report Program, Information Assurance (IA) controls of a Mission Assurance Category II (MACH) sensitive system.


PTech maintains its AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, and we follow our Quality Management best practices to ensure our products and services are top quality to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  In support of Government engineering services, PTech is a prime contract holder on the new Seaport Next Generation (NxG) IDIQ.

PTech employs highly experienced engineers in mechanical, electrical power, networking, and RF engineering. They served as lead engineers for the prime contractor on the Marine Corp Networking-On-The-Move (NOTM) project, and were also heavily involved in planning and executing a 3-year project to build the NOTM prototype, called COBRA3.


Our lead engineers developed much of the planning documents with the government customer to build NOTM systems under a low rate of production five-year IDIQ contract. Engineering tasks included developing technical data plans, materials selection, production processes based on industry and MILSPEC standards, developing a lean-based system assembly process, QC inspection processes, submitting and implementing ECPs, preparing documentation for every process completed.



PTech engineers are experienced in planning and implementing the overall system development from design and build out, systems integration, and T&E functions for OTM, OTH command and control (C2) communications systems platform that also integrated red and black channel data, voice, and video communications for early entry forces. They have coordinated the FDR, IDR, CDR, HCD processes, which included all mechanical, electrical, network, IA compliance, including testing.

Systems Design
Engineering Test/Design


PTech engineers have conducted comprehensive testing ranging from cable component testing to First Article Testing, and Full System Acceptance tests.  The build outs were subjected to Integration and Operational Tests, plus a final QC inspection; the company’s fully built and integrated systems were also subjected to a Systems Test to measure functionality against applicable performance standards.


Environmental Testing: PTech engineers have analyzed/assessed production components to ensure environmental standards and the customer’s QA/QC standards were met. Our engineers performed tests that demonstrated the capability of the thermal units to perform in a specified environment.


PTech engineers helped conduct Factory Acceptance Tests at the prime’s facility under the supervision of Government personnel and ensured all test benchmarks were met. Our engineers prepared a final FAT Report in the format specified in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) specified Data Item Description (DID). They included in the report raw test data collected from the various test procedures used in the FAT, as well as observations and explanations of any deviations from a vendor’s specified results.


Full System Acceptance: PTech engineers worked with Government to execute the FSA test based on the approved FSA Plan and FSA Procedures. Our engineers provide full support of the test execution and provide input for the FSA Report in support of the Government that independently evaluated and finalized the FSA Report



In addition to being an integral part of the NOTM design team, PTech personnel provided administrative support, design, and engineering for installation of a 3.8 meter satellite antenna and supporting electronics reach-back terminus for M2C2 (the pre-predecessor system design) at the U.S. Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.


Pelatron specifically led the design, build, systems integration, and test and evaluation (T&E) functions for M2C2 and integrated red and black channel data, voice, and video communications, while providing overall program management.  A detailed system design was completed, and the results of the follow-on assessment tests demonstrated the stability of the COBRA3 design. Our engineers performed additional technical assessment and analyses to provide design improvements to the NOTM architecture.



Government selected our engineers to address critical activities that resulted in the development of a successful COTM system: the integration of the COTS components within the transient cases and the integration of the transit cases with the vehicle platform.


Our integrators provide cabling and system integration expertise. They define the physical layout, cabling special assemblies, and repair/modify all system cabling. Our integrators verify the full system interconnects, as well as line receptacle unit fixes and maintenance.


On the NOTM system, our integration staff connected over 350 cables per NOTM system within the internal components in the transient cases, Point of Presence Vehicles and Staff Vehicle subsystems to each other and to the platform, to the VHF/UHF/RF/SATCOM antennas and other RF components, and the Staff Kit components. Our engineers’ responsibilities included system installation, cable manufacturing and repair, and field support during system integration testing and factory acceptance testing, as well as cryptography, radio, network, and system support.


Our staff also integrated OTM telecommunication systems into the U.S. Marine Corps M-ATV and HMMWV tactical vehicles. The integrators ensured proper separation between power and signal or data cables, and complied with TEMPEST requirements where necessary in the NOTM system.  Our integrators supported NOTM system integration at SSC-LANT whenever an installation was required in the field.

ECP Development


PTech provides engineering support that includes system design, production, system integration, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), vehicle integration support, and fielding support.  Our team worked with the government lead Configuration Control Board (CCB) for ECP approvals and CM protocols.

Technical Documentaion


PTech has participated as host for a Physical Configuration Audit (PCA), the formal examination of the as-built physical configuration to verify that the system conforms to the design and construction, and the defined technical documentation. Our successful PCA encompassed the review of engineering drawings, technical documentation/data management, and hardware and software. A twenty percent (20%) sampling is our team’s operating standard.  The PCA verified that our related design documentation matched the design of the deliverable Configuration Item (CI).

Drafting Services


Our personnel perform heavy CAD, CAM, and CAE services using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Illustrator to develop and render TDPs and associated drawing packages.  Our staff delivered a TDP that contained over 1000 drawings and specification documents, including the BOM.

Computer Networking


Our engineers helped design a closed loop secure network (within the boundary) and external network (SATCOM).  Internal IP protocols, secure tunneling, HAIPE devices, crypto equipment were used in the development and maintenance of the network architecture; including internal servers, routers, and end-user devices.



PTech engineers provided New Equipment Training (NET) to the end-users (Marines), including the development of the training packages with the govt/USMC/SSCPAC/SSCLANT. Field trainers (FSR) and engineers were operating in the field with the warfighters.  NOTM Staff Kits used the Windows operating system and COTS software.

Past Performances

past performance

  • NOTM - Networking on The Move (subcontract)


NOTM is the Marine Corps’ next generation C2 system providing real-time situational awareness (i.e. data, video, audio) to combat commanders and units in the field. Provided network and systems engineering services for the low rate of production contract and FSR support services.

  • CRC - Control and Reporting Center OM Mod (subcontract)

Supports operational effectiveness of the Operations Module (OM). The OM is the C2 node for the CRC. Providing engineering expertise on the TDP and manufacturing build.

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