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IT Systems, server & database administration

Our Server Administrators provide systems life-cycle support that includes design, installation, test, production and support/troubleshooting to optimize servers and related components. Our service strategy provides continuous service improvement by ensuring that all server-related development, administration, security, testing, and installation/migration functions are integrated across all applicable operating systems. PTech provides three general areas of support: administrative functions, security activities, and installation of or migration to new resources. We apply an ITIL life-cycle approach (strategy, design, implement, and operate) to each of these areas in order to maximize system confidentiality, integrity, availability and performance.


Our System administration capabilities include technical support to configure, implement, deploy and administer on premise and cloud environments including SharePoint and other tools in the classified and unclassified environments.  We also support various mid-tier systems, programming for system backups, restoration and COOP backups, consulting support for error diagnosis, testing strategies, load balancing and programming; technical support on all Windows applications, SA functions to build new servers and migrate applications; install, patch and configure MS SQL; implement DISA and IAVA security requirements.

We provide system engineering technical support for large-scale processors for server environments (e.g., Windows, Linux/Unix) with the goal of developing cost-effective solutions that incorporate virtualization and other emerging technologies.


PTech develops plans to ensure the security of the customer’s IT resources, including Vulnerability Management, Cyber Threat intelligence, Analytics Monitoring, Mitigation and Response.  We provide technical recommendations on hardware, software, and solution sets.

PTech's Database Administrators design, construct, test and implement databases that include:

  • Develop complex data models and logical database designs

  • Deploy, configure, secure and manage Microsoft SCCM and SQL servers

  • Control data migration, apply and monitor STIG-required auditing

  • Prepare and deliver technical data and computer data needed for submission of approval package for the RMF

  • Perform system backup, recovery and extracted data

past performance

  • DISA Server/System Support (Prime)

Provided senior level support in mid-tier/server environments and complex IT systems implementation, multiple IT platforms, and the integration of diverse architectures.

  • IT Consolidated Services (Prime)

Performed diverse systems administration functions: design, install, administer, and optimize servers and related components to enable AFB business functions supported by the servers.

  • Enterprise Portal (Prime) 

Providing comprehensive architect/engineering, installation, integration, testing, sustainment, life cycle management; training, custom solutions on-premise and in cloud environment.

Past Performance
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